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Quantum Gravity Gradiometer for accurate underground mapping

About this event

The Differential Quantum Gravimeter (DQG) is the first industrial compact and transportable quantum sensor in the world. With its high sensitivity and unreported stability, it offers new perspectives for near-surface geophysics, civil engineering, and gravity-aided navigation. The compactness of the DQG and the field-tested technology on which it is based, make it the perfect tool to investigate both spatial and temporal variations of mass distributions in the field.

Join us for our dedicated iXlive webinar on May 19th 2022 (10am or 5pm) to learn more!


> Camille Janvier, quantum physicist and R&D Engineer - iXblue Quantum Sensors division

> Jean Lautier-Gaud, quantum physicist and Director of Business Development & Sales - iXblue Quantum Sensors division


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