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About this webinar

UPDATE: Due to an unforeseen circumstance, we will have to delay the webinar from its original date, April 18th, to the following Thursday, April 25th. It will still begin at 2pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

At Jahia, we know that a true digital experience is not managed by an overly-complicated suite but several products and services, all brought together by our agency partners to deliver unexpected, delightful interactions. We call this making digital simpler.

Presented by Joe Henriques, Jahia's President of North America, this webinar will take you through our unique perspective on the market, highlighting the key values we bring to our partners and customers, as well as what to expect from us in the future. Bart Tubalinal, our Director of Sales Engineering, will also give you a sneak peek of our latest offering , which merges the capabilities of Headless CMS, Traditional CMS, personalization, customer data, and third-party solutions to meet the growing need for customer-specific digital stacks.

Digital experience management is complicated. But customers shouldn't have to make compromises to be successful. Come see why simpler is, simply, better.

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    JH T
    Joe Henriques President, North America @ Jahia, Inc.

    Tasked with the growth and success of the Jahia business across North America. This includes Jahia's North American sales, marketing, partner, and customer strategies and their execution, as well as, the building and managing of a passionate team of people that thinks of customers & partners first.


Making Digital Simpler

Jahia is an editor of a Java and Open-Source Digital Experience Platform. Through its know-how and values, Jahia helps companies to make the digital world simpler and accessible to everyone.