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Improving behaviour: Is self-regulation really a silver bullet?

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Behaviour challenges in school are nothing new, but in September, NASUWT released their ‘Behaviour in Schools’ report, which made for depressing reading. 90% of teachers reported being verbally abused by pupils in the last 12 months, and 37% reported being physically abused. Why is this? Or is it unsurprising that in a world with so much uncertainty and stress on children and families, children are struggling to ‘behave’?

Evidence increasingly shows that self-regulation may be the answer. Self-regulation can be defined as: 'The ability to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviours effectively in different situations and to achieve goals and aspirations.' CASEL Framework. Research shows that students with better self-regulation skills have higher academic achievement, are more likely to get along with others, and are better able to build and maintain strong relationships.

Without effective self-regulation skills, young people can struggle to control their behaviour and to demonstrate motivation and a sense of agency. Poor self-regulation can result in emotional and behaviour problems and children being more likely to be excluded from school.

It’s clear that self-regulation is a critically important skill with positive outcomes and should be taught, especially to vulnerable children who may struggle to cope when dysregulated. However, the environment around the child has a huge impact on how effectively these skills can be taught in the first place and whether children (and adults) are able to put them into practice.

At Jamie's Farm, we believe that all children have massive potential to learn and have the capacity to manage their emotions and behaviours, but surely we should aspire for ALL schools to be flourishing environments in order to best support them in this?

Join us for this deep dive into self-regulation; including practical strategies for improving this skill in young people, and a discussion about the importance of adults and the school environment in getting the best from them.

Chaired by Jake Curtis, Co-CEO (Jamie's Farm)


  • Peter Leonard CEO at the Centre for Emotional Health
  • Tara Elie Trainer and Coach at 'When the Adults Change'
  • Tish Feilden Co-Founder and Director of Therapeutic Education at Jamie's Farm

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    Jake Curtis Co-CEO @ Jamie's Farm

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    Chloe Raynor

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    Tara Ellie Trainer and Coach @ When The Adults Change

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    Tish Feilden Co-founder @ Jamie's Farm

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    Peter Leonard CEO @ Family Links Centre for Emotional Health

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