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Innovative Recycled PET Particle Foam for Waste-Free 3D Moulding

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Innovative Recycled PET Particle Foam for Waste-Free 3D Moulding

Armacell’s innovative range of the world’s first particle foam based on 100% recycled PET offers solutions for waste-free moulding of complex 3D shapes.

ArmaPET Shape combines the outstanding mechanical properties of a structural foam core with the advantages of particle foam to create lightweight, strong, recyclable and highly temperature-stable parts of nearly any shape. The portfolio upgrade makes it possible to mould at lower temperatures and to include inserts and metal parts directly in the moulding phase.

The webinar will not only introduce the product, but also suggest potential applications, possible moulding processes, and after-use recycling of the moulded parts.


Nadine WESSEL, Product Manager PET Foams @ Armacell

Dedicated to the development of sustainable product solutions providing enhanced value for customers. With an EMBA degree from the WWU in Germany in Strategic Marketing, Nadine Wessel is responsible for the global product management of the PET foams manufactured by Armacell. With several years of experience in different fields in the Armacell group, she has expertise in developing product solutions, focusing on responding to the markets and customer specific needs and optimising internal processes. For almost three years now, the focus has been on the sustainable portfolio of thermoplastic core foams based on 100% post-consumer PET.

Dr. Sven Hendriks, Innovation Manager PET Foams @ Armacell

Dr. Sven Hendriks, currently Innovation Manager PET Foams at Armacell, develops new innovative foam products based on recycled PET. Sven received a PhD in Polymer Engineering from RWTH Aachen University in 2017. He has a diploma degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Mechanical Engineering, focussing on Plastics and Textile Engineering. His previous research involved the development of foaming processes for bio-based cellulose acetate, polystyrene and polyolefins as well as fundamental research on foaming behaviour and blowing agent solubility.

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  • Guest speaker
    Dr. Sven Hendriks Innovation Manager PET Foams @ Armacell

  • Guest speaker
    Nadine Wessel Product Manager PET Foams @ Armacell

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    Benjamin Debusschere Program Manager @ JEC Group

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