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Johns Manville Neomera Organosheets - Breaking Barriers to Adoption

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Johns Manville Neomera Organosheets - Breaking Barriers to Adoption: An Intermodal Roof Application Reengineered with Agesia

Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, recently launched a new Advanced Composites Brand, Neomera, with the first products being thermoplastic organosheets.

Neomera Organosheets are produced in a continuous process through the impregnation of various reinforcements with low viscosity caprolactam monomer, followed by the in situ anionic polymerization of caprolactam to form the thermoplastic polyamide 6 matrix.

Agesia, a De Roeve Industries company, develops production technology and thermoplastic products to construct light, strong and recyclable transportation equipment. Using JM Neomera organosheets, Agesia is able to offer innovative yet affordable thermoplastic solutions in applications where steel and thermoset products fail.

Agesia panels consist of a PET core sandwiched between two JM Neomera Organosheets. The continuous production process allows the panels to be formed to shape as well as structural. The panels are suitable for applications in transportation, aerospace, automotive and marine.

The webinar will bring to life the solutions Agesia has developed and designed for the intermodal container industry and are based around Agesia’s new thermoplastic structural lightweight sandwich panels. The solution reduces the weight of container roofs by 75% and allows the product to perform with deformation under vacuum release.


Dany DE KOCK, Global Business & Market Development Leader @ Johns Manville

Dany De Kock, studied Chemical Process Technology and started his career in Dow Chemical in 1984 where he worked over 20 years in different thermoplastics divisions: laboratories, production, R&D and Automotive Technical Service & Development. In the meantime, he certified for Six Sigma Green Belt, was responsible for all non-routine automotive testing, had technical responsibilities for the European car-lighting market, developed long-fiber thermoplastics and took the responsibility to serve the OEM accounts with these new developments.

He joined Johns Manville as European Technical Service leader in 2005 and in 2007 he certified for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He took the technical responsibility for direct roving accounts and focused strongly on new developments for long fiber thermoplastic applications.

When Johns Manville moved in 2014 to global business units, he became the Global Application and Technical Service manager while early 2020 his function changed to Global Business & Market Development Leader for the Engineered Product Group, focusing on Glass Fibers and Johns Manville AP-Nylon Organosheets.

Dana MILOAGA, Product Leader @ Johns Manville

Dr. Dana Miloaga is the Product Leader in Johns Manville’s Thermoplastic Composites New Business Team. In this position, she has portfolio development responsibilities for JM’s new polyamide-6 organosheets and helps advancing new technology platforms. For the last three years, she championed partnerships that help JM develop creative lightweight solutions, especially for the automotive industry.

As a material provider, JM is now working with engineering and design experts, other material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to develop complete solutions for structural and semi-structural applications that take advantage of the design flexibility offered by the new thermoplastic composite sheets and help advance sustainable and cost-effective designs suitable for high volume applications.

Dana received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University in 2008.

Jan VERHAEGHE, General Manager @ Agesia

Jan Verhaeghe is the cofounder and President of Agesia BV as well as the President of Agoria Composites. He co-founded Acrosoma NV and is the inventor of their innovative stitched panel technology. Jan is the current Vice President of the European Composites Industry Association and has been a Board member since 2003.

His accomplishments include development work on the first commercialized composite chassis in the automotive industry. Jan’s 30 years’ experience in structural composites engineering in multiple applications including transportation, building and aerospace make him an exceptional innovative and experienced business partner.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jan Verhaeghe General Manager @ Agesia

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    Dana Miloaga Product Leader @ Johns Manville

  • Guest speaker
    Dany de Kock Global Business & Market Development Leader @ Johns Manville

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    Benjamin Debusschere Program Manager @ JEC Group

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