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JobTeaser's best practice for recruiting young talent

About this webinar

The war for talent is creating the need for companies to be in the minds of students much earlier in their career journey.

It is no longer effective to simply rely on job descriptions to attract and engage young talent. The new generation are looking for more guidance, a better understanding of company culture, purpose and to find their fit when defining their career choices and applying for graduate positions.

⭐Today, JobTeaser is the leading tool for career guidance and job search for more than 2.5 million students and graduates across Europe. Offering companies unparalleled visibility with young talents through company profile pages, event promotion and job vacancy adverts that reach students directly via their university profiles.

In this webinar, we share our proven best practice tips to effectively recruit future talent using the JobTeaser platform.

On the agenda

  • An introduction to JobTeaser
  • New tools to support your future graduate recruitment strategy
  • Ways to enhance your employer brand to specifically meet the needs of students and recent graduates
  • Examples of how technology can help to engage the new generation using client use cases


About JobTeaser

JobTeaser is the leader in career guidance and the recruitment of young talent in Europe. We have developed a unique platform directly integrated into the intranet of 600+ partner institutions and used by 2.5 million students and recent graduates.

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    Pauline de Jobteaser Marketing Manager France @ JobTeaser


We've got your back

JobTeaser est le leader du recrutement des jeunes talents en Europe. Nous avons développé une plateforme unique directement intégrée à l’intranet de nos 700 établissements partenaires et utilisée par 4 millions d'étudiants et jeunes diplômés.