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Onboarding and procurement made easier: Solving complex use cases with JSM and Jira Assets

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We all know: the first impression counts. And it’s significantly influenced by the onboarding and procurement process.

For setting up these processes in a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain, and standardized manner, many companies rely on Jira Service Management. But there is even more potential dormant in JSM, which can be harnessed with the right integrations.

In our free live webinar, Jan Szczepanski (CMO and Co-Founder of Jodocus) and Krešimir Nikolić (Product Manager at Caelor) will show you how to streamline your onboarding and procurement processes using Jira Service Management and Jira Assets to build an easy to use web shop. Besides pointing out the functions and benefits of JSM they will introduce the app Shoppie by Caelor, which offers a seamless integration with Jira Assets, facilitating an intuitive browsing and procurement.

Let’s start improving your onboarding and procurement experience!

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  • Team member
    Jan Szczepanski CMO @ Jodocus GmbH

    As an Atlassian specialist, Jan Szczepanski not only optimizes his customers' processes down to the last detail. As a marketing enthusiast, he is also ensures the expressive charisma of Jodocus: As CMO, he is responsible for all aspects of marketing.

  • Guest speaker
    Krešimir Nikolić Product Manager @ Caelor

    Product Manager at Caelor, passionate about all things Jira and ITSM. Computers and the internet have always been my thing, and my Atlassian journey kicked off about four years back as a software tester. Starting from there, I've had the incredible opportunity to develop my professional skills and grow as an individual. This exciting ride has brought me to where I am today. My main gig involves looking after our Jira products and seamlessly integrating them into the awesome Atlassian ecosystem. I'm all ears when it comes to customer feedback and their user experience. Teaming up closely with our talented development crew, I'm on a mission to deliver the best solutions for the challenges our customers encounter. Making their lives easier and more efficient is what I'm here for.

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