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Free Webinar: Sport Sponsorship, The power of a message through real cases

About this event

Attraction and commitment. One is a consequence of the other when it comes to sponsorship. Challenging each other to achieve the common goals that are implicit in a sponsorship relationship requires a shared strategy, a powerful message and a timeline. It is then that the consumer recognizes the sponsorship as a whole.

Richard Denton, academic director of the Master in Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam and an expert in the sport marketing and entertainment business with over 30 years of experience, will moderate this exciting webinar with two big names in the sport sponsorship world: Red Bull and DSM.

Jasper Bazuin will dive deep into two of their sponsorship cases in Red Bull: Project Aero with Team Jumbo Visma and Project Snow with Melissa Peperkamp, while Jan Wermink will talk about the process of getting a new head (and big name) sponsor and what the partnership with DSM entails.

Speakers biography

Jasper Bazuin is a marketeer with 15 years of experience in marketing, branding, content strategy, development, production and managing multi-disciplinary teams. He has been working at Red Bull for more than five years as marketeer, head of content and currently as the national sports marketing manager in the Netherlands.

Jan Wermink is head of business strategy at Team DSM and is responsible for the commercial strategy and strengthening and building partnerships, driven by joint ambitions. The team’s vision is “to redefine our sport through cooperation and innovation: keep challenging.” Keep challenging is about pursuing dreams and not accepting the status quo. They need to be the world champions of teamwork, of pushing the boundaries of science and technology. It’s this vision, the plan and an incredible group of people that help continue to build a sustainable future for the team, while performing at the top of our capabilities, on and off the bike.

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    Richard Denton

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    Jasper Bazuin National Sports Marketing Manager @ Red Bull

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    Jan Wermink Head of Business Strategy @ Team DSM

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    Johan Cruyff Institute Educational Institution

    The Academic Legacy of Johan Cruyff. Educating the next generation of Leaders in Sport Management.

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Educating the next generation of Leaders in Sport Management

Johan Cruyff Institute is an educational institution, founded by Johan Cruyff, aimed at educating athletes, sport and business professionals in the field of sport management.