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Sports as a superpower creating a positive culture

About this event

The webinar is about the importance of identifying what the culture is in the place we are. To understand that culture is not static. Despite the value of history, culture is something that we can constantly shape. And above all, what the culture we pass on leads to. If we do it right, we can benefit enormously, both individually, organizationally, the sport, and society. So the question is, can sports culture be a superpower in society?


Oscar Alsenfelt is a former elite ice-hockey player, who represented several top clubs in Sweden and the national team. He has been awarded with trophies such as Best Goalkeeper, MVP and Honken Trophy. He is currently the Sports Director for SDHL, the women’s ice-hockey league.

He has combined an elite career with studying for 7 years, and specialized in topics such as sports management, leadership and culture within ice-hockey. Most recently he has accomplished a master program from Johan Cruyff Institute.

In addition to working as a sports manager, Oscar lectures in between, and his favorite subject is sports culture. A subject whose impact on society was first established for him when he read a course at university called "Ice hockey culture and society". A subject that he has been passionate about ever since. Oscar has chosen to talk about these topics in the media, and was one of few active, elite players who were not afraid to raise questions about challenges within the sport, but also more importantly how the sport can improve and be a superpower within the society. Most recently he was elected to speak about the topic in front of international guests at an event during the Women's World Championship.

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    Johan Cruyff Institute Educational Institution

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    Oscar Alsenfelt Sports Director @ SDHL, Swedish Women's Hockey League

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    Lukas Dorda Director of the Online Programs @ Johan Cruyff Institute

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