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The employment status of the professional football player: Labor issues and international transfers

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Nowadays, football players are less reluctant to leave their place of origin to seek new opportunities in clubs far away from their place of origin. That requires that the football player must understand or at least have a basic knowledge about their labor status, and thus get a better understanding of the general professional player labor situation and contractual issues.


Enric Ripoll, is a lawyer with 17 years of experience in Civil and Administrative Law, specialized in International Sports Law and negotiation, advising clubs, intermediaries, athletes and federations in contractual, image rights, disciplinary matters, match-fixing, financial fair play and doping, among others. He represents his clients before jurisdictional bodies such as TAS, International and National Federations. Member of the AEDD (Spanish Association of Sports Law) since 2011.

Currently sitting as Chair of the Independent Integrity Board of the International Table Tennis Federation.

Professor of Sports Law at the Johan Cruyff Institute.

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    Enric Ripoll Fundador, Abogado y Juez del Tribunal Independiente @ ER Sports Law & Arbitration

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