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The new FIFA Football Agent Regulations

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Are you a football agent in need to pass the FIFA Football Agent Examination to obtain or maintain your license?  Do you want us to help you prepare for it? Then, this webinar is for you.

Under the new FIFA regulations came into force on 9th January 2023, a football agent license can only be obtained by passing the new FIFA examination as a pre-requisite to working as an agent in professional football.

Dr. Serhat Yilmaz will explain in this session what these new regulations are and answer all your questions.


Dr Serhat Yilmaz is a sports law specialist and regulatory expert. His research focuses on agents and the protection of young talent in sport. The originality and rigor of Dr Yilmaz’s research inquiry have led to external fundings from the European Union (EU), UNICEF, FIFA, and Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).  

Closely aligned and directly informed by his research expertise, Dr Yilmaz is a prominent academic on the education of sports agents. He has developed and run Professional Certificate Programme for Sports Agents, a kitemark executive education. He is also the founder of Sports Agents Hub, a bespoke online platform for training and education. Dr Yilmaz has also designed the brand-new training course on the FIFA Football Agent Examination that Loughborough University and Johan Cruyff Institute have launched in 2023. The course will be running from May 2023.

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