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Connected & Resilient Communities

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This Session will discuss the emergence of electrified technologies and how the integration and interoperability of these technologies create building blocks for Smart Communities. This discussion will focus on the distributed nature of smart development and the benefits those programs entail. Rather than looking at Smart City development as a city-wide initiative, these goals can be accomplished by solving challenges neighborhood by neighborhood and then connecting and sharing resources between those nodes. These programs incorporate security measures, risk management, and a technology continuum to future-proof new mobility infrastructure programs and assist with the transition to zero-emission fleets and electrification. The discussion will also cover how private capital within innovative Public Private Partnerships executed through Infrastructure as Service Models can complement existing and planned public funds to help communities accelerate their paths to electrification.

The panel will address how holistic infrastructure planning is critical to ultimate project success to delivering socio economic uplift, workforce development, and reaching long-term sustainability goals. Utilizing an integrated solution, new systems must be managed accordingly and must be flexible, safe, and connected to meet the serious demands of addressing Climate Change or the demanding environments of disaster response and mobility needs of Smart Communities, big or small.


Steve Marshall - Co-Founder and Executive Policy Director Center for Advanced Transportation and Energy Solutions ACES; US Department of Energy’s Executive Advisory Board, Smart Mobility Consortium and Sustainable Transportation


Paul Vosper - Chief Strategy Officer, JuiceBar

Karen Morgan - Managing Partner, TESIAC

Mark Feasel - EVP & CCO, Fuel Cell Energy

Junaid Islam – Partner, Ooda

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