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Cutting-edge developments in blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s; application in clinical trials

About this event

Julius Clinical and Amsterdam UMC are proud to present the webinar:

Cutting-edge developments in blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s; application in clinical trials

During this live webinar, Charlotte Teunissen, Professor in Neurochemistry at Amsterdam UMC will touch upon:

  • Patient selection
  • Patient stratification
  • Outcome measures

More about our speaker Prof. Charlotte Teunissen

Charlotte Teunissen’s drive is to improve the care of patients with neurological diseases by developing body fluid biomarkers for diagnosis, stratification, prognosis, and monitoring treatment responses. Studies of her research group span the entire spectrum of biomarker development, starting with biomarker identification, often by –omics methods, followed by biomarker assay development and analytical validation, and lastly, extensive clinical validation and implementation of novel biomarkers in clinical practice.

She has extensive expertise with assay development on state of the art technologies, such as mass spectrometry and antibody-based arrays for biomarker discovery, ultrasensitive immunoassays, and implementation of vitro diagnostic technologies for clinical routine lab analysis. She is responsible for the large well-characterized biobank of the Amsterdam Dementia cohort, containing >5200 paired CSF and serum samples of individuals visiting the memory clinical of the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam (a.o. controls, patients with Alzheimer, Frontotemporal, Lewy Bodies).To ensure the quality of the biosamples, the group studies pre-analytical effects, which are key to implementation. Charlotte is leading several collaborative international biomarker networks, such as the Society for Neurochemistry and routine CSF analysis and the Alzheimer Association-Global Biomarker Standardization and Blood Based Biomarkers consortia. She is the coordinator of the Marie Curie MIRIADE project, aiming to train 15 novel, researchers, into innovative strategies to develop dementia biomarkers (10 academic centers + 10 non-academic centers), and the JPND bPRIDE project, which aims to develop targeted blood based biomarker panels for early differential diagnoses of specific dementias and is a collaborative project between 7 European and 1 Australian centers.

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