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Lifestyle interventions in NAFLD/NASH

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We are excited to announce that our next webinar will feature Professor Shira Zelber-Sagi, who will be sharing her insights on the topic of "Lifestyle Interventions in NAFLD/NASH".

During her presentation, Professor Zelber-Sagi will explore the relationship between diet and NAFLD, emphasizing that diet not only causes NAFLD but can also serve as an effective treatment. She will discuss the importance of lifestyle changes in managing NAFLD, even small ones, and how dietary composition modification is crucial beyond weight reduction. Additionally, Professor Zelber-Sagi will share various effective ways for weight reduction and highlight the role of physical activity in improving outcomes beyond steatosis. This is a session that promises to be both informative and practical, offering insights and strategies for managing and treating NAFLD and NASH through lifestyle interventions.

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    Manuel Castro Cabezas

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    Shira Sagu

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    Elizabeth Liano Callahan

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