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Jus Mundi's Conflict Checker - April 10, 2020 (repeat session)

About this webinar

Presentation of the Conflict Checker

(Note: This is not a new / follow up webinar. RSVP if you are a new participant & would like to discover Conflict Checker)

Jus Mundi has launched a brand new feature called 'Conflict Checker' that will allow users to identify the past connections between arbitrators, counsel or parties instantly.

This feature will make the due diligence process much simpler and more effective to avoid or mitigate conflicts of interest.

The presentation will be done by Jean-Rémi de Maistre, CEO & Co-Founder of Jus Mundi. Jean-Rémi will cover the following points:

  • What is Conflict Checker?
  • How to use the Conflict Checker on Jus Mundi's website?
  • Why should you use the Conflict Checker?

About Jus Mundi:

Jus Mundi is a search engine for international law and arbitration. Our clients include several Governments and most of leading global law firms, such as DLA Piper, Clifford Chance, Debevoise & Plimpton, Lalive, Eversheds, Foley Hoag, Three Crowns, Freshfields, Levy Kauffman-Kohler and Bredin Prat.

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