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Designing & Planning Independent Intellectual Projects

About this webinar

In this workshop I'll walk through planning a real project. You can follow along if you have a project idea you've been struggling to plan.

You can get a quick intro to my general approach in this thread: https://twitter.com/jmrphy/status/1254870469284474883

I generally plan projects with 6 principles in mind.

  1. The necessity of self-imposed deadlines
  2. Social accountability for enforcing deadlines
  3. Goals as hypotheses
  4. The Planning Fallacy
  5. Time-blocking
  6. Iterating project cycles

Hosted by

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    Justin Murphy

    Justin Murphy (PhD) taught and published as a professor of politics for more than 5 years. He left academia to conduct his intellectual career independently, on the internet, full-time. His work is funded by patrons, book sales, courses, consulting, and a small startup.