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Servo VS Stepper - Pros and cons presented in this epic motor type battle!

About this event

JVL produces both Servo and stepper motors, and with the introductions of our market leading ServoStep motors, you might wonder: "Why not just build one motor?"

The answer is not that simple. Servo motors and step motors still have each their own strengths and weaknesses, which we will go through in this webinar.

Kenneth and Palle will each present a motor type, and Alexander will present applications where Kenneth and Palle will compete to win the most applications for their motor type.

In the end, we will present the score board, and give a clear overview of each motor types advantages and disadvantages.

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    Alexander Wilms Sales and support @ JVL A/S

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    Kenneth Pilheden Area Sales Manager @ JVL A/S

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    Palle Sorensen


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JVL is the leader in integrated stepper and servo motors with highly innovative solutions. Ingenious modular interface also with Industrial Ethernet.