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Free Webinar: IoT security and authorization with the Kaa IAM

About this event

The topic of this webinar is targeted for IoT Engineers, IoT Solutions Architects, Tech Leads, SaaS Security Experts, Senior Security Engineers, IoT Consultants and DevOps Engineers.

We cordially invite you to attend our showcasing of the Kaa Identity Access Management (IAM). Kaa IAM is available as a component of Kaa Iot Platform or as a stand alone product and can be integrated with existing Enterprise or Consumer solutions. In this webinar we will demonstrate Kaa IAM’s powerful capabilities for managing user resource access and security permissions.

The webinar will offer an overview of Kaa IAM then delve deeper into the subject of identity access management and best methods of deploying Kaa IAM. We will cover several use cases such as tracking sensitive user data and permissions to access resources, quick revoking user access, bulk user group permissions management, and best IoT resources access security standards. 

Topics covered:

  • What is Identity Access Management (IAM) and why it is so important
  • IoT Saas Security standards
  • Kaa IAM overview and how to use it
  • Highlight of basic Kaa IAM features: users, groups, policy
  • Kaa IAM for companies with multiple departments
  • Kaa IAM for for solution distributors and their customers

At the end of the webinar, we will hold a Q&A session during which we will be happy to answer your questions.

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