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Data Quality: The Best Practices for Implementing Digital Asset Execution Strategies 

About this event

Join our webinar with Cantor Fitzgerald, where we share the best practices for evaluating data quality throughout the investment life cycle. Kaiko's On-Chain Product Manager Naomie Halioua will be joined by Cantor Fitzgeralds Director of Quantitative Algorithmic Trading, Guner Celik. To structure our discussion, we can break down the cycle into four stages: Pre-trade, Execution, Post-trade, and finally looking across CeFi and DeFi.

On the agenda:

  • Data quality importance in pre-trade execution
  • The importance of being multi-venue and considering data from different sources in Execution
  • TCA during the post-trade stage
  • How DeFi can help CeFi traders
  • 15-minute live Q&A session

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  • Guest speaker
    Guner Celik Director of Quantitative Algorithmic Trading @ Cantor Fitzgerald

    Guner is a Director of Quantitative Algorithmic Trading at Cantor Fitzgerald where he leads quantitative research and trading efforts for Fixed Income and Cryptocurrencies. Guner joined the Cantor from Springtech Capital where he was a co-founder and led research and algorithmic trading efforts. Prior to Springtech, Guner worked as a VP of Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Research at Goldman Sachs for systematic market making in fixed income and commodities; and prior to Goldman, he was a Senior Mathematical Modeling and Algorithms Specialist and Software Developer at Oracle. He has extensive experience developing algorithms for electronic trading, best execution algorithms, market making, signal generation, RFQ systems, and a strong background in probability theory, optimization, algorithms, and machine learning.

  • Team member
    Louis Ramat Ops & Strategic Initiatives Associate @ Kaiko


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