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EV adoption: when’s the right time to act?

About this event

In the webinar, we'll answer fuel retailers' most pressing questions around where and when to act as EV adoption gathers pace.

We'll consider how data can help retailers install EV chargers in the right locations based on demand potential and explore how this insight can also help us understand how fuel volumes will be impacted by site or across a portfolio.

  • How is EV adoption fundamentally changing the fuel retail landscape today?
  • How are best-in-class retailers starting to form long term strategies towards energy transition?
  • What does EV adoption mean across networks and where should retailers be investing now?
  • How retailers can successfully build for now and the future to ensure continued success?

The session will also include a Q&A.

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  • Guest speaker
    Rich Wilcox VP Data Operations @ Kalibrate

    During his early years at Kalibrate, Rich worked with our global client-base to help maximise the value of our products. Today, he is responsible for the delivery of our Planning & Insight products.


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