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The changing grocery consumer profile

About this event

According to Kalibrate’s market trend research, as much as 10% of consumers’ preferences have shifted toward discounters across the world in the last 3 years. With inflationary pressures changing spending habits for consumers globally, how can grocery concepts ensure they have the right strategies to retain and grow their market share?

As we approach 2023, we expect consumers to become more price conscious, so it's critical that your team have the tools to understand how your customers and competitors are responding to change.

Join us for a discussion focused on the best practices that can be used to address the biggest challenges facing supermarket operators and real estate departments today.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The impact of changing consumer behavior on the supermarket industry
  • Insights into how markets have changed over the last 3 years
  • How mobility data helps organizations understand and respond to the changing consumer profile at a local level
  • How to develop actionable insights to optimize your strategy when considering rightsizing, relocating or looking at the right concept for your stores
  • Use cases on how location-driven insights help organizations capture volume, assess cannibalization, and ensure they don’t overinvest in the wrong markets

Learn how a data-led strategy can improve your location decisions, as we use detailed mobility and customer segmentation data to analyze customer shopping habits around the world to understand how discounters are capturing more market share and what traditional grocers can do to stay on top.

Everyone who registers will be sent a recording of the webinar to catch up on demand.

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  • Guest speaker
    Rich Wilcox VP Data Operations @ Kalibrate

    During his early years at Kalibrate, Rich worked with our global client-base to help maximise the value of our products. Today, he is responsible for the delivery of our Planning & Insight products.


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