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How real-time purchase intention measurement works - Customer stories and live demo

About this event

Personalization has become a key issue in digital marketing in recent years and it is an area of investment for marketing leaders like yourselves.

But how do you choose between service providers if you’re not familiar with their technology?

To provide the answer to this problem, we are opening the hood of our AI-driven personalization platform to provide technical insights that will help you understand how our technology works.

Jean-René Boidron, Kameleoon CEO and Noémie Sauvage, Account Manager, will demonstrate the business potential of our predictive personalization platform. They’ll highlight how brands such as Toyota and Cdiscount (Amazon’s biggest competitor in France) maximize revenues and margins thanks to AI personalization and run a live demo of Kameleoon’s powerful platform.

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    Jean-René Boidron


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HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant, Kameleoon is a powerful and easy-to-use A/B testing, full stack, and AI-powered personalization platform that helps marketers, product teams, and developers maximize customer engagement and conversion.