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No developers for your A/B testing program? No problem. Learn why.

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What if I told you that you could affordably outsource all your a/b tests?

As A/B testing and optimization programs mature, the challenge becomes less about getting buy-in, strategy, and processes and more about scale and velocity.

Simply put, mature programs want to move from 1 to 100 tests a year. The challenge then becomes how.

Other programs may just be getting off the ground. Once the honeymoon of A/B testing is over, the program finds itself having to beg, borrow, and steal developers to get a test coded.

Not anymore. Today, there are development outsourcing agencies that exclusively focus on A/B test development. They do all the coding and development (and more) so you can focus on ideation and analysis (or something else!). You may also find yourself saving a fair amount of money too.

But how do you decide whether outsourcing A/B testing makes sense for you, what tests to outsource, and when and how to do it?

This discussion invites two of the leading A/B Test development agencies and the CEO of the CRO agency, RAZE, to share their insider tips on what makes it work (and not).

Join this live session to know if outsourcing A/B test development is right for you

  • What benefits would you get?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How to do it the right (not wrong) way?

As always, those that register will have access to the replay AND be the first to receive the discussion recap. If you don't have dev resources for your optimization program, join!

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  • Guest speaker
    Tasin Reza CEO @ Echologyx

  • Guest speaker
    Siobhan Solberg Founder @ RAZE

  • Guest speaker
    Abdullah Mashuk CEO @ Brillmark

  • Team member
    Collin Crowell Senior Director, North America @ Kameleoon


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