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Should you experiment with pricing?

About this event

If a customer will pay more for a good or service than another, then what's wrong with charging a higher price?

Enter the curious world of price experimentation, where ethics and logic collide.

You should join this live panel discussion if:

  • You want to experiment with price but are not sure how
  • Have experimented with price and will never do it again (but still want to know another way)
  • You want to ask thought leaders in the trenches how/why/if they experiment with price

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Emma Travis Experimentation Strategist @ Speero

  • Team member
    Collin Crowell Senior Director, North America @ Kameleoon

  • Guest speaker
    Shanelle Mullin Experimentation & Analysis @ Shopify

  • Guest speaker
    John Trimble Digital Analytics and Experimentation Manager @ Talk Talk


Experiment your way.

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