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Understand what sustainability means in the food & beverage categories

About this event

In 2021, Kantar Insights conducted a global study across 35 countries, in order to better understand consumers’ expectations and behaviours about sustainability in the Food and Beverages sectors: overconsumption, overpackaging, animal testing, intensive farming, overwork and poverty were amongst the most important issues to be solved by companies operating in the sectors

In 2022, our Analytics department has screened consumers’ requests on search engines related to these themes on a 5-year period and on a global scale (with the exception of China)

This exclusive study allowed us to identify, for each theme:

  1. Granularity
  2. Trends (breaking point, acceleration...)
  3. New initiatives
  4. Differences between regions

David Chassid, Kantar Insights Managing Director in Israel, will reveal the key elements of this study

He will then interview Einat Ben Horin, Director of Global Consumer Insights & Analytics, SodaStream International on SodaStream's reactions to these insights and their main initiatives on these topics.

This webinar presentation is a tremendous opportunity to deepen your understanding of your markets and adapt your brand and innovation strategies.

For all those who believe that sustainability has value for the planet and the business, we are waiting for you !

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    DC G
    David Chassid Managing Director, Kantar Israel

  • Guest speaker
    Einat Ben Horin Director of Global Consumer Insights & Analytics @ SodaStream International

  • Guest speaker
    Roman Ptaszynski Head of Analytics, Insights, Central & Southern Europe @ Kantar

  • Guest speaker
    Pierre Gomy CMO @ Kantar


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