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Sports advertising effectiveness in Europe; standing out from the crowd in the stands

About this event

49% of advertisers say they are going to increase the use of AI to research creative !

Throughout this presentation, we will share the results of a unique foundational study, led by Kantar and based on Kantar’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence toolkit, that tested several ads aired on TV and the web as supporting pieces to big sport events in 4 European countries during 2021.

Discover what creative elements can best build success to brands that make or intend to make the best out of sponsorship to sports events.

We will also share a focus on French ads and how they perform, and reveal our new AI solution that allows brands to post-test its TV and/or digital campaigns within 15mn, with all the Kantar database power.

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    Ld T
    Laurence de Villepin Senior Manager - Media & Creative @ Kantar Insights

  • Guest speaker
    Monique Kim-Gallas


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