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Scalability through automation | Joint webinar: Extensiv (CartRover) and Katana

About this event

As your business grows and develops, building out a system of seamless automations can drastically improve the trajectory of your organization's efficiency. Mark Cohen (Head of Tech Partnerships at Katana) is joined by Andreas Blomst (General Manager at Extensiv), to discuss why and how to automate your backend operations and streamline your workflows.

Topics to cover:

  • Growing trends within e-commerce
  • What it means to automate your backend operations
  • What to consider when looking to outsource your fulfillment
  • Use cases

This session is built for rapidly growing manufacturing brands who are looking to find easy ways to seamlessly integrate into their favourite systems they currently or in the future use.

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  • Guest speaker
    Andreas Blomst Integration Manager @ Extensiv

    Andreas Blomst is an entrepreneur and business innovator with more than 15 years of experience with start-ups, bootstrapping new ventures, and driving profitable operations. Andreas helped grow CartRover from a simple internal tool used by one company to an integrations solution for several thousand companies.

  • Team member
    Mark Cohen Head of Technology Partnerships

    Mark is the Head of Technology Partnerships at Katana, based in Toronto, working with best-in-class App Partner solutions for the SME market. Passionate around working with D2C and B2B brands to help solve, automate, and streamline operational processes.


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