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How to Mitigate the Risk of Ransomware Attacks

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Ransomware attacks are rapidly increasing in frequency and cost. In fact, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, a ransomware attack happens every 11 seconds.

Organizations victimized by these attacks can lose access to their networks and data, incur steep financial losses, and suffer significant reputation damage.

Join world-renowned cybersecurity expert Dr. Eric Cole and Keeper CEO Darren Guccione for a forward-looking conversation around:

  • The evolution of ransomware
  • What organizations should expect to see as threats continue evolving in remote work environments
  • Cybersecurity measures your organization can take to mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks

"If you are concerned about ransomware - which you should be - make sure you join us on this webinar." - Dr. Eric Cole

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    Darren Guccione CEO & Co-Founder @ Keeper Security, Inc.

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    Dr. Eric Cole Founder & CEO @ Secure Anchor Consulting

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