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Robots vs Partnerships: Making Real Connections With Your Partners

About this event

Are partnerships on the brink of a robot takeover?! πŸ€–

Are we losing touch with the humans behind our partnerships because of technology?

Have things like automation and digital communication allowed partner professionals to lose sight of personal responsibility and self-awareness?

Or is technology the best way to foster connections?

With thousands of software and tech options at our fingertips, we partnership professionals have to ask ourselves: how can I take advantage of technology without losing human connection with my partners?

Join an exclusive conversation with some of the greatest minds in partnerships who will approach this topic from each side of the argument.

Here's the lineup:

1:30 - Losing Contact: Where Automation Fails | Will Taylor, Head of Partnerships at PartnerHacker

1:45 - Breaking the 80/20 Rule | Rick van den Bosch, Founder of Channext

2:00 - Strategic Alliances & Automation | Justin Zimmerman, Founder of Partner Playbooks

2:15 - The Importance of Self-awareness in Partnerships | Jennifer Richey, Senior Director of Ecosystem at Vena Solutions

2:30 - Speaker Roundtable

2:45 - Audience Q&A

BONUS: Using Tech to Foster Connections | Chris Samila, VP of Partnerships at Crossbeam

We hope to see you there!

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  • Guest speaker
    Jennifer Richey Senior Director of Ecosystem @ Vena Solutions

  • Guest speaker
    Justin Zimmerman Founder @ Partner Playbooks

  • Guest speaker
    Will Taylor Head of Partnerships @ PartnerHacker

  • Guest speaker
    Rick van Den Bosch Founder @ Channext

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Samila VP of Partnerships @ Crossbeam


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