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Better Models through Better Training Data

About this event

When a system isn’t performing well, many teams instinctually try to improve the code. But for many practical applications, it’s more effective instead to focus on improving the data. Following the path opened by Andrew Ng, we will explore some of the main guidelines of this new AI development paradigm. Why is consistent data more important than big data? Why is smart data better than big data?

In this webinar, Edouard d'Archimbaud, CTO at Kili Technology, will present the new Data-Centric AI paradigm and how to improve model performance through better training data, Karim Sayadi, Lead of Augmented Industry team and Delivery Manager at Octo Technology will talk about Industrialising Data Centric AI and how to implement visual inspection.

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    Tamara Mitic Marketing Manager @ Kili Technology

    Marketing manager at Kili Technology

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    Adrien Pujol

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    Edouard D’Archimbaud CTO @ Kili Technology

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    Karim Sayadi Delivery Manager @ Octo Technology

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Kili is the simplest and most comprehensive enterprise-grade Training Data Platform for building AI that matters. From a single central hub and shared repository of training data, enterprises using Kili can deploy impactful AI applications at scale, faster, better.