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Kinexit Webinar - Total Game Fitting

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Total Game Fitting

As a Golfstore Member and a PGA Teaching Professional, developing a student's ability to hit better and more consistent golf shots is based on an overall understanding of the student's technique, physical ability, and the equipment in the bag. Each is an essential component when creating the best solution for each golfer.

If parts of the player's technique slow down or hinder development entirely, we are likely to find the solutions within the player's physical ability. A student's fitness is the real door opener for technical development. For that reason, golf fitness is expected today to be easily accessible and simple.

As a Golfstore member, you are invited to an exciting webinar on Tuesday, March 15 at 9:00 AM, where we will give you key insights into Golf Fitness & Total Game Fitting.

Join us next Tuesday to learn how this vital component becomes a natural part of training. This webinar is completely free for Golfstore Members, but we have a limited number of seats.

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    Chris Månsson CEO @ Kinexit


Golf Fitness Made Simple

Kinexit's golf fitness platform helps coaching professionals add fitness with ease and golfers move better to play better.