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Your teaching toolbox needs golf fitness. Here are 5 reasons why.

About this event

Why do Teaching & Coaching Professionals need to add Golf Fitness?

For PGA Teaching and Coaching Professionals, it can often be overwhelming when considering adding golf fitness to your toolbox. And at Kinexit, we know better than anyone how a student's fitness often is the real door opener for technical development.

We also know that finding the right golf fitness platform isn't easy and we often get asked, why Kinexit?

To answer this, we'll be answering our 5 most asked questions in our next webinar: Your teaching needs golf fitness. Here are 5 reasons why including:

  • Why should I add golf fitness to my teaching toolbox?
  • How do I assess my player's physical abilities in less than 5 minutes?
  • How can I increase my revenue with Golf Fitness?
  • Why should I use an online platform?
  • Why should I include Golf Fitness in my lesson packages?

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    Chris Månsson CEO @ Kinexit


Golf Fitness Made Simple

Kinexit's golf fitness platform helps coaching professionals add fitness with ease and golfers move better to play better.