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Webinar: IDC x SAP x KINEXON

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Realizing the Promise of Smart Automotive Manufacturing

SAP and KINEXON Partnership Drives Transformation from Connected and Automated Operations

With our guest speaker Simon Ellis from IDC, we present recent surveys by IDC Manufacturing Insights where manufacturers have identified smart factory initiatives and targeted factory floor transformations as top priorities. The driving forces behind these investments are the pursuit of increased efficiency and heightened worker productivity. Recognizing this imperative, SAP and KINEXON have forged a partnership to propel these transformations forward.

But what if we could extend this optimization beyond static processes to the very movement of industrial assets? Picture a scenario where industrial assets on the shop floor move autonomously, seamlessly tracked, digitized, and automated to enhance operational efficiency and oversight in real time.

Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the core of automotive manufacturing's digital evolution. Discover how SAP's expertise in cloud ERP and industry leadership synergizes with KINEXON's solutions for asset tracking and automation. We'll explore IDC insights on automotive trends, dissect the impact of manual operations, and unveil compelling reasons for embracing automated processes.

From supply chain resilience to Catena X (Automotive Network), we'll navigate through key industry insights, showcasing the transformative potential of our partnership. Be inspired by best practices from automotive giants like BMW and Continental, and envision a future where connected and automated operations redefine the manufacturing landscape.

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  • Guest speaker
    Simon Ellis Program VP @ IDC

  • Team member
    Christos Lithoxopoulos Senior Business Development Manager @ KINEXON Industries GmbH

  • Team member
    Mehdi Bentanfous CEO North America & CRO Industries @ Kinexon Industries

    Since 2016, Mehdi led the international expansion of KINEXON. Since then, he has driven the business to position itself as a global industrial technology leader. Prior to joining KINEXON, Mehdi held various senior positions in strategy consulting, private equity, and senior management.

  • Guest speaker
    Hagen Heubach Global Vice President Industry Business Unit Automotive @ SAP

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