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Ransomware Incident Response 101

About this event

This webinar will provide a practical overview of ransomware incident response - what it entails, how it works and why it requires specialist teams to be delivered. We will also share exclusive threat intelligence on ransomware variants and actor groups, giving you useful insight into what threats are looming on the horizon.

Register above for one of the two sessions scheduled on Tuesday, 14 July for these takeaways:

  • Jargon-free ransomware talk: the what, the how and the why
  • Overview of ransomware incident response as carried out by specialist analyst teams
  • Insight into ransomware trends and cyber threat intel

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    Tess Frieswick Client Success Manager @ Kivu Consulting


We are a leading global cyber security firm that offers a full suite of pre- and post-breach services, specializing in the forensic response to cyber-attacks and ransomware incidents.