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Ransomware Upheaval: Trends from the trenches after Colonial Pipeline

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Ransomware Upheaval: Trends from the trenches after Colonial Pipeline

After the Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident, the ransomware industry has been turned upside down. Threat actor groups have disbanded, new dark web markets have opened, arrests have been made, actors have turned to Monaro, and more cases are exfil only with no encryption involved. We will cover the latest trends we are seeing as we work with and negotiate with threat actors daily. We will cover how actors are evolving their techniques, who they are targeting in the Education sector, and defenses you need to put in place to mitigate a large-scale business interruption.

Our speaker, Keith Swanson, is the Director of Incident Response at Kivu. Keith is an accomplished information security professional and leader with over 26  years of professional experience in cyber investigations, cybersecurity, digital forensics, and eDiscovery. Keith has an extensive career in law enforcement, as well as serving Fortune 500 companies and multinational clients. Keith joined Kivu after a 26-year career in law enforcement investigating online crime and performing digital forensics. After retiring from law enforcement, Keith has served in managing roles in incident response, investigations, and eDiscovery for CVS Health and American Express Global Business Travel.

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    Keith Swanson Director of Incident Response @ Kivu Consulting


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