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Why consistency is the X factor of great customer experience?

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Customer experience is one of the most visible part of any company. In this day and age, nothing gets past the watchful eye of a person who needs to interact with your company. And lots of companies have realised that if you don’t invest in customer-facing interactions, you are missing out.

Thus, providing consistent experience throughout the whole customer journey is a smart behaviour proven to improve sales, reduce churn, and lower service costs. It’s not a quick fix solution but rather a wholesome mindset, if you may.

On July 7, 15:00 CEST Klaus, Zendesk, and Loom will take over the webinar-sphere to showcase and share methods that simply just .. work! In the first half of the event, we will look three cases from each company to see which efforts have turned successful. In the second half, we will open the floor to general discussion and Q&A.

The speakers are:

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