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BOPIS Buy Online Pickup in Store - Ultimate Guide

About this event

Learn how the retail marketplace is transforming to “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS), and so much more!

BOPIS, or Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, is a popular retail fulfillment method that allows customers to purchase items online and then pick them up at a physical store. This method is becoming increasingly popular among retailers of all sizes, as it offers several benefits to both businesses and consumers.61% of retailers say BOPIS is at the top of their omnichannel plans and investments. But, before making that investment, you need to pull together all the right pieces to make the business case. In this webinar, we will provide you with a clear and actionable roadmap for successfully implementing BOPIS.

Our expert panelists will share their insights on:

  • How BOPIS works and the benefits it can offer your business
  • Key considerations for implementing BOPIS, including technology, staffing, and operations
  • Strategies for creating a seamless and customer-centric pickup experience
  • Real-world examples of successful BOPIS implementations

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Meet our Speaker!

Meet Brian Dewey , the CEO and Co-Founder of Koloni, a groundbreaking tech company specializing in innovative smart locker and fleet management solutions. Founded in 2016, Brian has grown Koloni from a sharing platform for bikes and kayaks, to a smart locker platform that allows any company, in any industry to leverage smart lockers to streamline their business. Companies like CBRE, Eli Lilly, and Coca-Cola trust the Koloni platform. Brian has learned best practices and what it takes to launch a successful smart locker solution for any business.

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Koloni provides a locker operating system for any type of business, including software, white label solutions, agnostic smart locks, and smart lockers.