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Motorized Roll Feeder Live Demo

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Live from our Customer Experience Center

See for yourself how the Motorized Roll Feeder is your ticket to continuous production of high volumes of wide format soft signage jobs

With the Motorized Roll Feeder, innovative features work together to achieve the perfect final cut - even on challenging and tensile substrates. The built-in Kongsberg iPC software compensates for any distortion, while a curve registration algorithm determines the exact cut size, taking into account all material properties for shrink, stretch or melting.

And bring on those heavy rolls! The Motorized Roll Feeder can handle heavy rolls (up to 300kg/660lbs) ensuring the finishing department keeps up with the digital printing capacity.

The Motorized Roll Feeder delivers you:

  • Consistent wrinkle-free and straight feed - it avoids stretch by actively feeding material to the cutting table, rather than pulling it
  • Dancer loop control - the dancer bar provides correct tension with adjustable weights for different materials, feeding the material wrinkle-free, rather than pulling it
  • Edge correction on shaft - active edge correction allows for a steady straight feed, even if the roll is imperfectly rewound after printing. It senses and corrects the position of the material on the shaft
  • Wrinkle-free assurance - bidirectional brushes on the spreader roll smooth out any remaining wrinkles before the conveyor belt on the cutting table picks up the material for precise finishing
  • Perfect registration with the print, every time - the conveyor belt on the Kongsberg C64 continues the flat feed of material during cutting, moving smoothly and straight over the tabletop, eliminating wrinkles or folds
  • Easy installation and operation - the Motorized Roll Feeder moves on wheels and docks to the Kongsberg cutting table with powerful magnets. It is simple to load and very intuitive to use
  • Job identification - unique barcodes automate continuous production and increase throughput. The camera reads the printed barcode, allowing the built-in Kongsberg iPC software to identify the job
  • Passive roll-off functionality - the Motorized Roll Feeder equally serves as a passive roll-off if tension control is not crucial, for example with lighter rolls and shorter print runs. Simply place the roll on the two top rollers and let the conveyor belt drag the material onto the table
  • Roll-to-roll production - when used in combination with the Kongsberg Take-Up Unit, the Motorized Roll Feeder enables true roll-to-roll production

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June 29, 2021 - 4pm CET/10am EST

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  • Guest speaker
    Koen van Reybroeck Product Manager @ Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems

    I am experienced in digital finishing, CAD/CAM, digital printing, and color management, with a history of working in marketing, pre-sales, and after-sales processes. I have a strong affiliation with the arts and design environment and am skilled in the packaging and signage market, print management, graphics and pre-press, and digital printing.

  • Guest speaker
    Filip Van Bruaene Application Specialist @ Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems

    Joined in 2011 as an Application Engineer, I focused on Deployment & Training software solutions across the EMEA region. In 2017 I moved into the role of Application Specialist for Digital Finishing where I focus on demonstrating, testing and benchmarking on the Kongsberg tables.

  • Guest speaker
    Hilde Van Eetvelde Application Specialist @ Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems

    I am an Application Specialist for Digital Finishing where I focus on demonstrating, testing and benchmarking on the Kongsberg cutting tables. I have been with the team since 1980 and have held different positions, including Quality Assurance and Software Application Specialist, and have traveled extensively to our colleagues and customers all over the world to train and demonstrate our solutions.