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VariAngle Live Demo

About this event

Live from our Customer Experience Center, Belgium!

Our team of experts will be sharing new creative design ideas and hosting a Q&A session to answer all your queries, so be sure to join!

See for yourself why everyone is calling the Kongsberg VariAngle a breakthrough innovation for the industry.

This unique tool automatically changes the cutting angle of the knife in increments of 0.5°. Enabling cutting at any angle from 0° and 60° at up to 100m/min, the VariAngle delivers total freedom in the design of 3D creative displays.

With the Kongsberg VariAngle:

  • 0-60° angle range enables both straight cuts (0°) and V-notch with just one tool and at high speeds
  • There’s no need to stop production to change tools - resulting in faster setup times and an uplift in cutting speed
  • Materials with a thickness of up to 30mm can be straight cut, while the VariAngle cuts V-notch up to 20mm (60-degree V-notch up to 16mm) and works with fluted core board, honeycomb board, soft foam board, and triple wall corrugated
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness increases by at least 25%
  • Existing Kongsberg C and XP tables become completely self-sufficient, capable of delivering almost any creative design
  • Safety is improved by eliminating the need to handle sharp cutting blades
  • Cutting lines can be defined in the structural design file or directly in iPC, the Kongsberg table’s front-end software
  • Supports the move towards using environmentally friendly materials, with paper-based materials replacing plastic and other composite materials

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May 6, 2021 - 4pm CET/ 10am EST

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  • Guest speaker
    Koen van Reybroeck Product Manager @ Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems

    I am experienced in digital finishing, CAD/CAM, digital printing, and color management, with a history of working in marketing, pre-sales, and after-sales processes. I have a strong affiliation with the arts and design environment and am skilled in the packaging and signage market, print management, graphics and pre-press, and digital printing.

  • Guest speaker
    Filip Van Bruaene Application Specialist Digital Finishing @ Kongsberg

    Joined in 2011 as an Application Engineer, I focused on Deployment & Training software solutions across the EMEA region. In 2017 I moved into the role of Application Specialist for Digital Finishing where I focus on demonstrating, testing and benchmarking on the Kongsberg tables.

  • Guest speaker
    Knut Johansen Application & Product Manager @ Kongsberg

    I have held different positions in the company since starting with Kongsberg back in 1979. For the past 15 years, I have been in product management. The Kongsberg VariAngle is the latest tool created by me and my team.

  • Guest speaker
    Jeanette Mattsson Application Specialist @ Kongsberg

    I work in close cooperation with the R&D development of new tables, tools, consumables, and software. I have experience in structural design of packaging solutions and designing in Re-board®. Prior to joining Kongsberg, I was a packaging designer for IKEA and Sony Eriksson in Sweden.