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Managing Webex Calling MT & DI

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Kurmi Virtual Roadshows: Webex Workshops Series

Part Two

Managing Webex Calling MT & DI with Kurmi

Whether you’re managing Webex Calling Dedicated Instance (DI) or Multi-Tenant (MT) – or a combination of both – automating day-to-day tasks will save you time and money. Kurmi’s UC service management tool is a single platform that helps you automate and optimize your entire Webex Calling set up.

In Part 2 of our Webex Workshop Series you’ll learn how Kurmi simplifies your Webex management processes and puts unique tools in the hands of your IT admin team – either as standalone or as a complement to Control Hub.


  • Standardize core controls around audits, rollbacks, workflows, access, and security across Cisco’s UC Suite (Webex DI & MT, UCM, HCS).
  • See specific use cases that demonstrate how automation will help your team increase efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce the time spent on repetitive and mundane tasks.
  • Future-proof your UC ecosystem by deploying a vendor-agnostic UC service management tool that gives you flexibility to centrally manage and implement new— and multiple —systems.
  • Learn how a UC service management tool that handles initial configuration (Day 0) to day-to-day user management (Day 2 and beyond) can be integrated into your UC tech stack.
  • See Kurmi Provisioning Suite in action – from bulk applying feature sets to automating user creation and more.

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    Nabil Massri Account Manager @ Kurmi-Software

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    Mohammed Zizi Nacer Technical Account Manager @ Kurmi Software

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