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Migrating to Webex Calling with Kurmi

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Kurmi Virtual Roadshows: Webex Workshops Series

Part One

Migrating to Webex Calling with Kurmi

Preparing to transition from Cisco UCM to Webex Calling? Does your IT team have a migration plan?

Whether you’ve chosen to deploy Webex Calling MT or DI, —or both—, migrating from your current Cisco UC platform with more than 1,000 users is complex, time consuming, and prone to errors. Successful migration to your new UCaaS platform typically requires a meticulous review of your current system, detailed mapping to the new one, complex project management—and some luck—often involving multiple spreadsheets and scripts.

There is a better way!

Learn how Kurmi’s Unified Communications service management tool with migration capabilities streamlines all aspects of UC administration including initial configuration (Day 0) to day-to-day user management (Day 2 and beyond).


  • Understand the common pitfalls and challenges encountered during the migration process, from compatibility issues to data integrity concerns.
  • Discover proven strategies and best practices for overcoming migration obstacles and ensuring a seamless transfer of feature settings and user data to Webex Calling.
  • Learn how Kurmi’s UC automation tools can help you before, during, and after migration.
  • Understand the increasingly important role software automation plays in UC service-management at a time when migration to collaboration tools is an ongoing process for many IT teams.
  • See Kurmi's migration capabilities in action: data discovery, mapping, and extraction for features and end users.

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    Nabil Massri Account Manager @ Kurmi-Software

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    Mohammed Zizi Nacer Technical Account Manager @ Kurmi Software

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