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Get 3.5x More Replies Using Fully Automated Multichannel Outreach

About this event

Get 3.5x More Replies Using Fully Automated Multichannel Outreach

Sales automation has been around for a decade, but automating only emails is not enough anymore.

You need to add LinkedIn to your sales journey.


  1. LinkedIn is the best database to source and identify leads! That's why you're already using Evaboot!
  2. Even with the best email enrichment tools, you will only have emails for 60% of your leads. If you're not automating LinkedIn, you're not activating 40% of your market potential! You need LinkedIn as a fallback to activate 100% of your leads.
  3. LinkedIn & Emails generate 3.5x more replies than an Email-only outreach campaign!

Doing automated multichannel outbound used to be so difficult! It required 6 differents tools, juggling around 20 CSV, struggling with Zapier, and a dedicated Growth Hacker to do it.

That was before LaGrowthMachine - we've created the first 100% automated multichannel outbound truly easy to set up. For this Webinar, LaGrowthMachine & Evaboot joined forces to teach you how to:

  • Import leads from Linkedin & enrich automatically their emails and phone numbers
  • Create 100% automatized and extremely segmented cross-channel outbound strategies
  • Connect your CRM to synchronize everything in it

All of these in 20min, without any technical knowledge!

I know how it sounds: it's too good to be true, we're not there yet!

Join us, the future awaits!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    JJ G
    Jean-Baptiste Jezequel Evaboot

  • Team member
    Agathe Bancel Client Partner @ LaGrowthMachine

  • Team member
    Adrien Moreau Camard Founder @ LaGrowthMachine


The growth platform to automate true one-to-one interactions with your prospects across Linkedin, Twitter and Email.