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Design, Deploy, and Manage Your Edge Computer Vision

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Latent AI: Software to speed edge computer vision design and deployment

AI Developers and ML Engineers can spend months trying to find the optimal combination of model and device for their data. Latent AI lets you skip the research and start training on your data in minutes, not months, with software that helps you design, deploy, and manage edge computer vision at scale.

Before you even start training on your data, Latent AI lets you:

  • Find the best model to use
  • Understand how it will perform
  • Know you are using the best hardware for your needs

The Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform (LEIP) revolutionizes how quickly you can develop computer vision that can run where and how you need to. Most models are designed to work, but not necessarily on a specific hardware target. LEIP drastically reduces your time to deployment with Recipes, a rapidly growing library of over 50,000 different configurations that deliver benchmarked performance. Recipes let you quickly compare model characteristics across different hardware targets (CPUs, GPUs, etc.) to make sure you are using the best combination of model and hardware for your data.

LEIP includes:

  • A groundbreaking ultra-fast approach to design AI models that lets users start training in minutes
  • A database of over 50k pre-evaluated configurations for the latest state of the art models including YOLOv8
  • Built in hardware and performance expertise that simplifies design and deployment
  • Streamlined evaluation across various model families with consistent Python APIs
  • Build shareable Recipes for specific hardware that can be retrained with new data

Join our upcoming webinar to learn about how you can deliver edge AI solutions faster than ever before with LEIP.

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Latent AI

Software to design, scale, and manage your edge computer vision

Latent AI provides edge MLOps solutions that simplify model optimization and delivery across both commercial and federal organizations.