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Cosmetic industry in Latin America: the of role Intellectual Property in your business' success

About this event

Latin America is the fourth most important commercial region in the world in the cosmetics sector, with a share of 11% and a market valued at around 471,000 million dollars.

With of a population of more than 650 million inhabitants, 33 countries and four large trading blocks (Central America, the Andean Community, the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur), it is a very attractive market for European SMEs that want to expand their sales areas, find new business opportunities or start in a growing industry, which has an abundance of public and raw material in Latin America.

In this sense, Mexico is, along with Brazil, at the forefront in terms of business and influence in a sector that seems oblivious to the crisis.

In this context, protecting the brand and knowing how to manage the innovation generated is key to differentiating yourself from other competitors and doing so in a sustainable manner.

Join us, in the webinar organized by Global Cosmetics Cluster-Europe and Latin America IP SME Helpdesk, to learn about the peculiarities of Mexico in terms of Intellectual Property, and learn how to make this a lucrative business tool throughout the process (from creation to sale, through production and distribution).

In addition, we will learn more about the EU-funded initiatives supporting SME's internationalisation to Latin America and our expert in intellectual property will answer all your questions.

And do not forget to book your private appointment with our IP expert right after the event on the registration form, or for the day and time that suits you best here.

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    Sergio Rangel

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    Latin America IP SME Helpdesk

    The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk offers first-line support on Intellectual Property and IP rights matters to facilitate the expansion of European SMEs and SMEs from countries associated to the Single Market Programme (SMP) that operate or intend to access the Latin American market.

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    Ségolène Leloutre International Relationships Director @ Cosmetic Valley

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    César E. Fernández IP Consultant @ Latin America IPR SME Helpdesk

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