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What can intellectual property rights (IPR) do for my company when expanding to new markets? A perspective from Africa, China, India, LA and SEA.

About this event

The International IP SME Helpdesks in collaboration with the Enterprise European Network (EEN) will host a series of training sessions to provide European SMEs and stakeholder actors with an overview of the relevance of intellectual property rights (IPRs) for a variety of sectors and relevant IP clauses, with special focus on the most remarkable particularities of Africa, China, India, Latin America, and South-East Asia.

Discussions on IP within the context of internationalization present an opportunity to highlight the intersection between innovation, skills development, and economic growth. Acquiring market-specific skills, such as regulatory knowledge, marketing analysis, adaptability, efficient use of supply chain, as well as a strong IP strategy can enhance market penetration, facilitate successful expansion, and unlock untapped opportunities.

In this first session, we will address how to use IP rights to negotiate and establish agreements with other companies, provide tips for commercial agreements in which IP plays a fundamental role, and discuss strategies to protect your commercial interests against violations and imitations, offering a global overview. 

10h Opening words and Introduction of the services of the International IP SME Helpdesks

Ms Federica De Curtis

Stakeholder Manager of the China IP SME Helpdesk

10h05 Intellectual Property and Internationalisation Opportunities for SMEs

Mr Marco Gorini

Co-chair of the Thematic Group on Internationalisation of the EEN

10h15 What can IPRs do for SMEs when expanding to new markets? A perspective from Africa, China, India, Latin America and South-East Asia

IP Experts:

Mr Elio de Tullio on China and South-East Asia

Mr Girish Somawarpet on India,

Ms Nancy Samuriwo on Africa

Ms Giovanna Girardi on Latin America

11h05 Q&A session

11h15 Closing remarks

Ms Federica De Curtis

Stakeholder Manager of the China IP SME Helpdesk

Who should attend?

European Entrepreneurs, innovators, and business executives who are seeking to gain comprehensive knowledge about internationalization and the role of Intellectual property rights in the most commonly used commercial agreements in an internationalization process.


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