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Legal Document Templates 101: Building a Solid Foundation in MS Word

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Document automation solutions can significantly improve a law firm’s efficiency and profitability by quickly and accurately producing routine documents. The key to success is to start from a solid foundation because issues or flaws in the source document will propagate throughout the automated template and the generated documents.

Building strong document templates starts with the built-in features of Microsoft Word. In this session, we'll take a look at tools and features within MS Word that can help legal professionals build strong, flexible templates that maintain formatting and streamline automation.

Join Joe Kaczrowski, Legal Content Manager at Lawyaw, to learn best practices for setting up legal document templates, and how those templates can be used to build no-code, automated legal documents for law firms.

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    Joe Kaczrowski  Manager, Legal Content @ Clio


Legal document and process automation

Lawyaw provides document and process automation solutions for law firms throughout the USA and Canada.