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Free Workshop: Intro to Data Analytics with Python (English)

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Why you should join?

Learn the basics of programming with Python and immerse yourself into the daily life of a data analyst. This 2-hour workshop is led by our official Le Wagon teachers and is completely free of charge.


All levels are welcome! No experience is needed. Just bring your computer and be there, in-person or online, at the start of the class.

What you’ll learn:

✅ The basics of Jupyter Notebook and Python skills needed to start analyzing data with Pandas.

✅ Pandas basics, followed by data visualization techniques.

✅ How to source Airbnb’s datasets online and do an analysis.

About Le Wagon:

Le Wagon is the #1 ranked Coding Bootcamp in the world with 45 campuses and an impressive community of over 21,000 alumni.

We teach a wide range of courses, including Web Development, Data Science, Data Analytics, and No-code, catering to both beginners and experienced individuals.

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