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[TALK] Talk with Vincent Battaglia, Co-founder of Ludus

About this webinar

For this new Apero Talk, we are pleased to welcome Vincent Battaglia, a full-stack developer and entrepreneur, who co-founded Ludus, a presentation tool. He will go over his journey in the tech-world and life as a developer. He will also give insights on his entreprenarial experiences as he is the techpreneur behind several startups.

Take this opportunity to join us and talk with us!

🌟 We will run a Q&A at the end of the talk: ask your questions via the question TAB and we will review them at the end.


Vincent is a Belgium-based product and tech-oriented entrepreneur. He develops companies and code. After graduating in computer science from UMONS, he worked for a few years as a full-stack engineer, then gradually shifted towards product-oriented and managerial-oriented roles. He co-founded and/or worked for a few early-stage startups in Europe and in the Silicon Valley, including 1MD, WooRank, Storify and Instaply. He is now a CTO in residence at madewithlove, in addition to being a co-founder & CTO at his own company Ludus.


Ludus is a new web-based presentation tool for designers and creative professionals. It allows you to create beautiful and interactive presentations in no time and make designers and non-designers collaborate much more easily.


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