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Women in Tech - DMW Web Dev Webinar

About this event

Only 17% of positions in the STEM field across Europe are held by women and only 5% of leaders in tech are female. These are shocking numbers, especially when considering that programming and coding used to be female jobs in the beginning. COVID-19 took its toll, especially on women. They were twice as likely to be laid off and 57% of women feel burned out (in comparison to 36% of men).

With our coding bootcamps we at Le Wagon want to encourage women to change their careers and get started in the tech industry and our webinars are the ideal starter pack to explore the world of coding.

With this Web Dev Webinar block, we want to give you an insight into front-end development and product design.

In the first block, you will learn all the secrets to create the best design. During this workshop, we will guide you through the essentials of UI & UX. Get introduced to everything related to design resources and move on to a deep dive into aspects of the design sprint methodology.

You will learn to:

  • Determine the core user journey at the heart of a product
  • Zoning: the art of drawing rectangles to organize the info you display on each page. You can use Keynote, Sketch, or simply sheets of paper
  • Build a mockup and a prototype for your product

In the second block, you will earn how to code and design your website in only 2 hours! A very satisfying workshop where students will code and design their own landing page using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap library. We will also cover lots of design pro-tips to find icons, fonts and colours.

You will learn to:

  • HTML / CSS core notions
  • Lots of graphical tips and tools (fontawesome, Google Fonts, colours, etc.)
  • Introduce Bootstrap and its responsive grid system

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Le Wagon is Europe's leading coding school for entrepreneurs and creative people. We are now present in 40+ cities worldwide, with over 120 startups in operation, and have been rated the no#1 coding Bootcamp worldwide on Course Report & Switchup! Our 9-week and 24-week, web development course equips aspiring entrepreneurs, product managers, designers, and junior developers with the technical skills they need to build great products and startups! In our bootcamps we strive for 50% female participants by offering women in tech scholarships and partnering with different companies in order to increase awareness and hiring rates

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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    Isabelle Ferrier

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    Le Wagon Munich Events & Marketing Manager, Munich @ Le Wagon GmbH

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