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Le Wagon Montréal invites you to their event

Diversifying the Web3 industry with Alice Huang

About this event

About the event 🌐

Le Wagon is offering a free series of events to explore Web3 and understand how Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are revolutionizing the web 🚀

This week, we will be spotlighting Alice Huang, Co-Founder of Web3 Montréal.

About our guest 👩‍💼

Alice is also the Head of Operations for Hulk Labs and Tokens.com, responsible for several initiatives at Hulk including scaling up the base of assets and managing relationships with new and existing games in the Hulk network. Alice has over 15 years of experience in operations, marketing and strategic partnership. Alice also audits and writes whitepapers for projects. She is able to quickly identify gaps in projects, with her decades of experience across various industries, now taking on an entrepreneurial role with Web3 Montréal.

Alice is also a published author with her latest novel ‘Crypto Dictionary for Beginners’, intended to help her reader’s crypto investing journey.

Format 💻

This talk is free and open to everyone. It will be 100% online.

🙌 Join us virtually on July 27th to discuss diversity in the ever-growing Web3 sphere, Alice's expertise in crypto, and how to get involved if you’re a beginner.

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